Listed here are some trusted resources for pet owners and those who may be considering pet ownership:

Lost & Found Dogs:

Low Cost Veterinary Care:

Spay Illinois

PAWS Lurie Clinic

Anti-Cruelty Medical Clinic

Pet Food Pantries:

Care For Real

Friend Pet Food Pantry

Irving Park Community Food Pantry

PAWS Chicago Pet Food Bank

Red Door Animal Shelter

Tree House Pet Food Pantry

Pet Insurance:


*Figo is a local Chicago company and proud supporter of Rescue Chicago.

Homeowners/Renters Insurance Without Breed Restrictions:


State Farm 


Owner Support:

Surrender a Pet:

Temporary/Crisis Assistance:


Rendy Schuchat & Alex Urbanski, Anything is Pawzible

Janice Triptow, Dog Behavior Solutions 

Drew Ballantine, Insight Animal Behavior Services

Dr. Kelly Ballantine (Veterinary Behaviorist), Insight Animal Behavior Services

Report Animal Abuse or Negligence:


Anti-Cruelty Society

Recognize & Report Dog Fighting:

Two Week Shut Down (for adopters & fosters):

Introducing Dogs & Cats: